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Dustin Miller, PolyInnovator, or Innovation Polymath

Great minds aren't born they are created, all by sheer will and insaitiable curisosity. From the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, to Gary Vaynerchuk, they all have one important thing in common: the desire to improve oneself.

This Self-Development growth mindset is something that I believe is really inherent in all of us. However in most people it isn't cultivated, and the likes of the great minds that could be are either lost or forgotten. I will not be one of those people left behind, for I aim to create a new platform for humanity to rise on. Every action I have taken in my life has been towards a goal, I've created systems, set goals, and meditated on them all. The progress I encounter will not cease until the day I perish, for the ambition is far too great to falter.

I intend on developing a career that doesn't quite exist yet, for it is a synergy of three main areas:

  1. Global Sustainability Development
  2. Innovation/Project Management
  3. Social Entrepreneurship

All with a focus in smart city development, as I believe that is the next step for the planet to embark towards. In light of this unique pathway for myself I realized that I wouldn't be able to pursue this via a traditional education (not without spending over a decade getting multiple degrees). This does not mean I will be standing idol, as I created what is known as a Modular Degree. Something of an amalgam of all three main areas, divided up into 10 or so semesters, each with a unique subject matter. In addition there are courses related to other semesters scattered about for interleaving and repetition purposes. Most bachelors degrees hold around 40 courses, this ModularDegree contains over 450. Some are relatively short, and others are graduate level educational experiences from top universities (meaning they will take some time). No matter what I foresee myself going in full force. #hustle #grind #growthmindset #nevergiveup #tao #flow


It is my hope that as I go through this educaiton I can develop my personal brand, as well as pursue the career I ambitiously await:

"I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideology".