MODULAR Degree - Create YOUR DIY DEGREE #PolyInnovator

PolyInnovator Videos: Become a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. U.L.C. Productions OVERVIEW & PURPOSE How to create your own Modular Degree, and how I did it. Explain the purpose behind why you would choose this path over a traditional method. Introduce personal branding, and how it correlates with your education. OBJECTIVES Describe what it takes to make a Modular Degree. Explain the options, with various levels of credentials, and pathways. Discuss whether a Clep to College or Autodidact path is best for you. You can use various micro-credentials to build your own degree as well. If you are unfamiliar with them I created a video explaining nearly all the options you have online. Link: I found an article that talks about some similar ideas to this channel, about Designing your own education! Check it out! "In the most serious manner I can convey to you, please don’t pass up on this opportunity. The potential prospect behind being some of the first people to experiment with a modular degree will set a monumental precedent in the future of education." The blue ocean shift book “It is not about the destination, it is the journey to there.” What sort of degree would you like to create? What will you fill it with? Tell me in the comments below!