Polymath Mentality #PolyInnovator

Today’s OVERVIEW & PURPOSE is to Discuss what a multipotentialite, Autodidact, jack of all trades, and most importantly a Polymath are. In particular we will talk about what a PolyInnovator is too. BLOG POST: https://medium.com/@unitedlivingconstruct/who-am-i-and-what-the-hell-is-a-polyinnovator-4382aa5b22fd Please check out the companion blog article on Medium! "My why, or reason for being is that of making a substantial change in the world." #MAKEACHANGE LINK: https://puttylike.com/terminology/ "My plan is to help the United Nations with their Sustainable Development Goals, or SDG’s for short. Creating a platform of change via what I call the United Living Construct." Leave a comment below about what piece of the video stood out to you? Bonus points if you have the timestamp! I’ll keeping an eye on the comments to make sure I reply to each of you!